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Mon Nov 7 17:39:57 UTC 2016

On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 10:32 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

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> But how do we know that whatever means that info got to Wiener’s computer
> was not used to send a pile of stuff somewhere else that still hasn’t been
> found?

​But how do we know that the Russians didn't hack into Trump's computer and
steal scandalous emails and Trump was too stupid to know he's been hacked
or too dishonest to tell us?  ​

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> They needed to hide that 18 minutes of audio or 33,000 emails
> ​ ​
> (I do sometimes conflate those two)

​Actually the FBI did say than in addition to the hundreds of thousands of
duplicate ​emails they did find a few from Clinton that they hadn't seen
before, but they were of a personal nature and not relevant to their
investigation. It looks like they found those yoga routines you were so
interested in.

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> The real problem here is that even if we can show that the Russians hacked
> the server, we still don’t know if they were Julian Assange’s source.

​Oh come on Spike!  I'll make 6 points and let you fill in the blanks and
figure out what Assange's source was:

1)We know for sure that the Democratic computer was hacked  and thousands
of emails were stolen.
2) The NSA is certain the Russians did the hack.
3) The
is no evidence the
​ ​
the Democratic computer was hacked
​ ​
more than once.
4) There is reason to believe Vladimir Putin
​ ​
does not like Hillary.
5) There is reason to believe Julian
​ ​
​ ​
does not like Hillary

6) Wikileaks
​ ​
released thousand of emails from the Democratic computer, none revealed
illegal or even immoral activity but they were embarrassing, the sort of
chitchat and gossip and bitching that has occurred in every campaign since
the beginning of time but isn't usually made public.

And by the way, Hillary was not responsible for Wikileaks or the security
of the Democratic computer, it wasn't her's and she wasn't even the party's
nominee when the hack occurred.    ​

> ​> ​
> If the Russians did leak this, we don’t know if they leaked everything
> they have (my guess is they didn’t.)
> They can keep Clinton busy dodging indictments from day one until she
> finally just decides to announce a medical retirement at about day 70 (my
> estimate for how long it will take.)

​You seem to be assuming the FBI/Russian coup will be unsuccessful and
Hillary will get elected after all. We'll find out tomorrow. ​


 J​ohn K Clark
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