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>>… Publish the total vote as counted, publish the paperless machine-only count, right up front.  Then, take every one of those paper ballots and put them out where we can all see them using some kind of digital imaging or number them and photograph them, post the digital images.  Then let us count, compare the reported count to what we see.  Ja?

>…Secret ballots.  Further, some states don't have any paper ballot in the first place - all-electronic, no ability to prove they weren't hacked.  Many of these have had problems with corruption on a mainly state and local basis for decades; rigging their presidential results is, relative to their existing problems, a side show for them… Adrian


Adrian thanks, and please sir, am I the only one who sees how damn dangerous this is?  What if it had come out the other way?  Or what if we do a recount, but only count those votes which have some kind of physical proof.  Cannot we reverse the result?  Why not?  Let us try it, shall we?  What have we to lose?  I will tell you what we have to gain: credibility of a process that looks shady to me.  So how do we do it?  Who is objecting?  Why?




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