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>… as an afterthought of sorts to our traumatic election season in the USA… spike





I do humbly ask my fellow Extropians’ forgiveness for obsessing about this please.


This is the way the EC map ended up:





But if only 1 percent of the votes had switched from Trump to Clinton, it would have been this:









Think about it: if only 1 percent of the Trump votes had actually been Clinton votes and the commies somehow rigged just a few of the machines to make it happen somehow, everything changes.  Just 1 percent switched, 1 in 100.  If the machines just switched 1 percent, it swings the whole show, bigtime.


I can’t help obsessing over this, even though my own guy was trounced 538 to zip.  America should demand a recount rather than the silly useless protests.  Demand a recount, with everything out on the table, everything, every machine result, cataloged by individual machine, every district paper ballot count, every mail-in by district.  We would be able to see it if one machine here and there returned a funny-looking result.  It would be a statistician’s playground.  Just 1 percent made all that difference.  It isn’t too late. 


OK, so prove it.






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