[ExI] Mielik.fi - Retakeable IQ test

kuudes kuudes at leijuvakaupunki.fi
Sat Nov 12 10:11:39 UTC 2016

If I may, I would like to tell of the list that I have made a retakeable 
intelligence test to internet on http://mielik.fi.

Mielik's main solution is to the problem that with other current iq 
tests we cannot use them multiple times on the same person (at least 
within a reasonable timeframe). This causes us many complications, 
mainly that we don't have a good device to truly test what effect if any 
some intervention has on iq. This comes from the training effect, ie 
that the people exposed to the test learn the test's testlets. Mielik 
uses Item-response theory based machine learning approach, which allows 
it to feed the testee random testlets and yet return a measurement 
estimate on the same scale regardless of the testlets chosen.

Currently the system is in public beta, and the main bottleneck now is 
to get the test to meet a lot of different people in order to learn 
which testlets are easier and which harder. My estimate is that it will 
stabilize on N<10000 uses. On internet, this is surprisingly small 
population, as another internet iq test, the data of which I have had 
the honor of view and analyze, gets more than 1000 users per week. 
Before stabilization it will likely give out estimates that are much 
more towards the mean than they truly should be.

My personal vision would be to try to change iq testing from current 
"MRI machine" approach (costs XXX$ per time, is rarely done) to "home 
scale" (costs ~nil per time, can be done privately for personal aims). 
Sometimes people like what they see the scale reporting as their weight, 
sometimes they don't like that. Nevertheless many people consider it 
useful to track how their weight develops over their lifetime and take 
some effective interventions to manage their weight development, such as 
practicing sports or managing their food intake. I would hope that with 
proper instruments, we could develop some truly effective treatments to 
maintain our human intelligence to the par of each person possible. My 
sincere hope is that mielik.fi will be at least first of such an instrument.

If you want to help, you can:

* send people to take mielik.fi test

* tell me how to propagate the test more widely and motivate me to do so

Thank you!


kuudes, lurker of the list for less than 2 years.

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