[ExI] ok, so prove it

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Nov 12 19:56:26 UTC 2016

Il 12/11/2016 19:05, spike ha scritto:

> Nowthen.  I would take it a step further please, and I do thank you if
> you are still reading down to the bottom of this caustic screed.  I
> would argue that this election data belongs to US!  That data belongs to
> the taxpayers!  We paid for it with our tax dollars, now that
> information is our property.  The same argument that gave us FOIA
> (blessed be that legislation, and may it live forever) applies to this
> data: we bought it, now we get to eat it!  And oh boy, that would be a
> tasty statistical feast, a data banquet I would sooo like to devour with
> digital relish.  So hand it over, all we can eat.  It is ours, we paid
> for it, dearly we paid for that, we are still paying and we will pay
> into the far future, and note that the final election takes place in
> five weeks and two days. 

As an european, and an italian in particular, I'm amazed by the clownish
ways voting is implemented in the US.

As www.schneier.com told many times, simplicity is the key of security.

Paper ballots, special pencils, voter ID documents, voters able to read,
write, unfold and fold the ballot and put it inside a paper box.

Is it too racist to ask for these?
Because this is like we do in Italy and fraud was always limited.

For the illetterate people, I can give a suggestion used in Italy:
Normographs (with the name of the candidates to vote).
The illetterate elector can take one, put on the ballot and use the
pencil (Do I need to specify how?)

Use the government schools to hold the ballots. It is just a few days
and the children will be happy about a week of freedom.
And make the election day a festivity. So the majority of people has no
excuses for not voting.
Send the certificate to vote to every person with the right to vote
without requiring them to register.


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