[ExI] The last chance to stop Trump

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Nov 13 20:43:01 UTC 2016

Il 13/11/2016 19:51, Nicolás Alcalá ha scritto:
>     I understand your frustration, but do you think over ruling a
>     democratic process would be better than the "fascism" or would you
>     be committing your own atrocities at that point?
> That's a really good question. Let's say the signs of something like
> what happened in Germany with Hitler were somehow clear. That there were
> at least a 50% chances of something like that happening again. 
> What would be morally right to do? Act immorally against democratic
> principles to prevent it or let it happen and then try to solve it?
> One thing is interesting though. It's been a while (like a few decades)
> since society and politics were this agitated. Suddenly, the western
> world was kind of quiet and now again we are talking about civil wars,
> coups, presidents assassinations, nuclear wars and the likes. It seems
> almost unthinkable for my generation, but here we are, facing another
> tricky historic cycle. 
> Again, I ask myself what's the moral thing to do. 

People sense the end of the system as it is.

The status quo based on the welfare state is near its end, because there
are no more way to pay for it.

>From here, there is only the choice between accepting reality and
solving the problems or not accepting reality and then allow reality to
solve the problems itself.

Some strata of the population has no way to keep their way of life. They
can only accept change or die fighting the change.
Like with slavery, the south had a lot of people unable and unwilling to
accept the end of their life style. And they preferred to fight a war
instead of accepting to change their life. And the war ended when they
all were killed in battle or unable to continue to fight.

The same is here: some groups are so invested in their way of life they
can not contemplate any change and their leader prefer war to change.
For now we are fortunate they majority of them is too weak willed to
contemplate a real war and they are content to just throw a tantrum here
and there. They have no gut to start a real war.

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