[ExI] Humans losing freewill

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Mon Nov 21 16:10:30 UTC 2016

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>> "Instinct", "intuition" and "gut feeling" can be defined quite easily.
>> Stathis

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> Great - I challenge you to do it.

​I'm not Stathis but I'll give it a try. A gut feeling that X is probably
true and Y is probably untrue means that a being is unable to consciously
access or articulate all the ​mental activity that led him to that
probabilistic conclusion.

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> A problem with your definition of gut feeling is that it cannot be
> objectively measured.

​If your gut feeling turns out to be correct more often than randomness
would allow then I can objectively conclude that mental activity​

​of some sort has probably gone on in your brain to produce it​ even if you
don't consciously know what it is or you are unable to put your reasoning
into words. However you're doing it you're coming up with the correct
answer more often than not, and that is a objective fact.

 John K Clark
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