[ExI] META: Bottom posting in Gmail

Brian Manning Delaney bmd54321 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 16:23:01 UTC 2016


Thanks for the useful pointer about the Quote Selected Text extension.

I almost never top-post/-email/-etc. If I don't feel I need to quote 
material at the top, to be clear what I'm directly responding to, I 
delete it -- that, for many reasons. One is I don't want multiple hits 
coming up in Thunderbird later if I'm searching for something.

Another is a silly conservatism. By way of analogy: Imagine say Leo 
Strauss or someone wanting to respond to the email he got from his pal 
Martin with the latter's new book /Being and Time/. Leo attaches a full 
copy of /Being and Time/ in his response, and writes "LOL" at the top 
(perhaps "under erasure"). I want very much to be the opposite of that 
kind of correspondent.

By the way, I recently discovered that my default Samsung/Android email 
app doesn't even have a setting for NOT top posting! I can delete the 
quoted text manually, but not the "XXX wrote" part. God help us. When I 
have time I'll set up a different app. There must be some better ones 
out there. Probably hundreds.


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