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>>> https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/nov/20/cryonics-debate-science-freezing-human-bodies
>>> <https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/nov/20/cryonics-debate-science-freezing-human-bodies?CMP=twt_a-science_b-gdnscience>
>>> Nothing extraordinary here except a recent case sparked some discussion
>>> in the U.K.
>> In Italy we got only the sensationalism and some interview with some old
>> academic mummies.
> I've often heard that about Italy -- that's it's culturally a museum. I
> hope it's not completely true. What do you believe might be done to
> reinvigorate it along the lines of the Renaissance -- without, of
> course, the wars and despots?

There are exceptions, like Prof. Ametrano (teaching crytocurrencies at
Politecnico di Milano) and a few others.

But, practically, everyone with brain, skill and ambitions is leaving if
he had the opportunity.
Some go to China, some to the US, some to London.
And they will not return here. Because there is not a good reason.

I'm writing some piecee for a friend with the most visited italian
financial/economcis blog (Rischio Calcolato) (about Bitcoins and
cryptos) and he left Genoa years ago for Zurich and now is moving to London.

If you want to know what will be needed, I can tell what I believe:

We need to have a complete collapse of the government.
If it don't happen, we are toasted and crisped.
Currently for a worker in the private sector, fully exposed to the
international competition, the actual tax rate is probably around 80%.
For someone like me, working for the government health care is more
around 50-66% (taking everything in account).

For what I understand we are a bit ahead of the US, but not much.

Now a friend send me this

The government is planning to seize "5.500 apartments between Vasto and
Francavilla a Mare". All second homes used during the summer.
And there is no money to pay back the owners and, in the interim, as it
is not a appropriation, just a seizure, the owners must pay taxes on
them (and not small taxes).

And, apparently the secret services and the police are looking to see if
any owners or others damaged are trying to organize something violent in

This will get ugly before it get better. Very ugly.

In a positive note, Bitcoin is increasing in value and, maybe, there
will be a seasteading somewhere for me inthe future.


Mirco Romanato

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