[ExI] Demonstration of Bell's Inequality

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Wed Nov 23 06:18:05 UTC 2016

Adrian Tymes wrote:
<No, it really isn't [wierd]. Either the photon knew how I was going to
spin that polarizer a billion years in the future or the random spin of
the polarizer instantly influenced a photon 2 billion light years away.
Or they already were that way but you had no way to know which, only that
one was one way and one was the other.  Once you knew the one, you knew
the other.  No actual information changed at that far-distant point the
moment your observation was made; only your knowledge (which is local to
you) did.
I have seen dozens of people make this exact same confusion.  That doesn't
make them right.>

What you are suggesting is called a "local hidden variable theory" and it
is precisely what violations of Bell's Inequality rule out.

To convince yourself of this, I suggest you attempt to write a computer
program (or even two) designed to allow two non-networked computers to
each accept an input bit and return a random (pseudorandom actually)
output bit UNLESS both the input bits happen to be equal on both computers
in which case each returns the NOT function of the other algorithm's

Please post the algorithm if you find it.

Stuart LaForge

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