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spike wrote:  (whooda thunk, there are bugs that live inside the trachea of
a bee?)

Also in your trachea, but not in your lungs (immune system gets them there
or you are seriousl ill) - also in volcano vents at the bottom of the ocean
featuring temps of over 230 F = also some living inside other bacteria --
just read an amazing book about them  bill w

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> >>... Moral of the story: lets keep our hopes up, but if banning neonics is
> > a failure, let us not be shocked, and let us not give up...
> >
> >...Neonics is a worldwide problem, not just a USA/Mexico cross-border
> problem.
> I agree that there are probably other factors damaging the bees, but
> getting rid of neonics would be a good start. It might strengthen the bees
> enough that they could fight off the other problems...BillK
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> Ja I am hoping for some reliable data coming out of the European
> experiments with banning neonics.  I don't know the details, but the EU led
> out on the ban.  Slightly complicating the picture is a difference
> (difficult to quantify in itself) in resistance of European honeybees to
> the ravages of Varroa mites.  The US was quick to import Australian queens
> which are known to be highly resistant to Varroas, possibly at the expense
> of lowered resistance to tracheal mites (whooda thunk, there are bugs that
> live inside the trachea of a bee?)
> spike
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