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> I think someone on this list has lost their reason.  Hyperbole much on the
> Nuremberg comment?
> And I still haven't heard a suggestion from you on how to alleviate that
> wealth gap that doesn't involve forced redistribution (I include taxation
> under this umbrella since it is conducted at the barrel of a gun).
> Globalism has attempted to destroy the fabric and importance of sovereign
> nation states.  This cycle that began with Brexit, followed by Trump, and
> possibly Le Pen is the blowback.

###  Compared to market participants the state is controlled by relatively
weak, imprecise and slow feedback loops aggregating conflicting control
inputs and noisy data. Poor control means poor correlation between control
inputs and system outputs, i.e. people getting screwed over. And the more
levels there are in the system, the poorer are the feedback controls.

Globalism in this context refers (or should refer) to the system of
transnational bureaucracies that are not subject to the usual feedback
loops found in nation-states, i.e. elections, economic/market feedback and
threats of revolt or war. Such globalist bureaucracies (UN, EU, the
elements of the US government that collaborate with the UN, various NGOs)
are almost out of control, treading their own path away from and
independently of what normal humans want and need, with only a smidgen of
control exerted by narrow groups.

No surprise then that the powerless are the first to suffer from the
fallout of globalist policies so defined and they are the first to object,
in a mostly blind and ineffective way.

BTW, I am a globalist but defined much differently - I support free trade
and free association between individuals throughout the world. Maybe we
should invent a new word to describe this kind of globalism.

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