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Is this a serious comment?

Um, yes?

Duality is a basic principle that underlies fundamental aspects of reality,
as noted and observed by science.

Charge is positive and negative.  There is matter and antimatter, and
supersymmetry.  Spin is dual.  Each orthogonal directional dimension
consists of a line going to infinity in the positive and negative
direction.  The right hand rule produces action in one of two linear
directions based on one of two angular directions.  There is angular and
linear momentum, laminar and turbulent flow, solids and fluids, electricity
and magnetism, bosons and fermions, leptons and hadrons, two rows of quarks
of different charges, electrons/muons/taus and their corresponding
neutrinos, inertial and gravitational mass.  Rational and irrational
numbers, complex and non-complex numbers, addition and subtraction,
multiplication and division, powers an radicals, exponentiation and
logarithms, sine and cosine.  Travelling outwards from a point or inwards
towards a point--attraction and repulsion.

Duality is very, very, very clearly a more prime principle than, for
example, electric charge.  Triplicity is also important, but shows up less
(quark colors, fermion generations, spatial dimensions, &c.)

I'm not the silly one for believing duality is essential to the composition
of the universe.  You are for not understanding this incredibly basic and
obvious statement.
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