[ExI] Space Decentral: A decentralized autonomous space agency

Adrian Tymes atymes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 04:47:03 UTC 2017

I notice you still haven't presented any way to actually link your DAC
to anything space-related.  Though you do seem to be starting to
realize one of the biggest inherent problems: almost everything of
value is, as you put it, off-chain.  As such, the blockchain would
seem to be worthless here.

(One could imagine ownership of physical assets to be governed by the
blockchain.  Unfortunately, that requires outside partners - those you
buy things from, and those you do business with - to accept the
blockchain, and almost all vendors & customers will not.  I'm not
sure, for instance, if there is a single provider of non-amateur
rocket engines who will accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, at
least without it first being converted to dollars or other off-chain,
backed-by-a-United-Nations-recognized-country currency.)

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Giulio Prisco
<giulioprisco at protonmail.ch> wrote:
> Following up on my previous post: I created a working group to develop a
> solid, sustainable design for Space Decentral: A decentralized autonomous
> space agency. You are invited to participate.
> The idea is to leverage recent developments in crypto to bootstrap a global,
> distributed, decentralized, P2P space agency of the people, by the people,
> for the people. Space Decentral will be a Decentralized Autonomous
> Corporation (DAC) focused on world-changing space projects...
> https://giulioprisco.com/space-decentral-a-decentralized-autonomous-space-agency-6d3895720bd9
> I am writing a series of posts on Crypto Insider to analyze the challenges.
> This is the first:
> DAOs and DACs in the Real Physical World: Open Questions
> I asked economists and people familiar with the subject matter to comment
> and participate, and I hope to report their insights soon.
> --
> Giulio Prisco
> https://giulioprisco.com/
> giulioprisco at protonmail.ch
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