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BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 08:35:05 UTC 2017

On 3 August 2017 at 00:41, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> Ah, I see you are not a fisherman.  Going fishing with your son is not about
> catching fish at all.  Sitting back and letting machines do the work?
> What fun is that?   What cameraderie?
> Send your AI car to the lake, have your AI robot
> get in the AI boat, and catch the fish while you sit home if what you want
> is really fish.
> I suppose the old professor came out in my post.  The idea of killing aliens
> is fine, but what are you learning?  It doesn't take hundreds or thousands
> of hours for your thumbs to learn, does it?
> Glory in video games?  Some kind of oxymoron there, I think.  Still, if
> that's all a person can succeed at, they will find some fans somewhere.  Can
> you imagine a hirer being impressed with video game expertise?  I cannot.
> It would be a big negative to me.  Could the person keep his hands off the
> games while working for me?  Apparently many can not do so.  Which is why
> they have the keystroke software, eh?
> I also suspect that the skills learned in one game do not transfer that well
> to another one.  Data needed here.

Our future after AI will be very different. For the great majority of
humanity no one will be hiring them. 'Work' will not be done by
humans. So what will humans do? This is not a trivial question.

Perhaps some will fight with each other, out of sheer boredom. Living
in a VR universe could be the best solution. If you get killed in a VR
game, you can just restart, or go back to the last 'Saved' position.

VR game skills are not just speed of reaction to kill aliens. Many
games require a lot of strategy planning. In fact, the 'building /
simulation' games are almost all strategy.


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