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Christian Saucier csaucier at sovacs.com
Sat Aug 5 05:41:30 UTC 2017

I enjoy playing video games.  It is my way to disconnect after my brain
has spent all it will at the end of the day. 

As with any activity, doing it with compulsion is typically a sign of
some imbalance in someone's life.  I work at 3 startup companies; if
anything, the need to feel productive at all time is my #1 compulsion. 
So I game.  Gaming allows me an escape. 

What are some other real tangible benefits of gaming for me?

1- Stress relief; mental disconnect from daily troubles
2- Social relationships; I keep in touch with remote friends through MMOs
3- Story telling; I love games with strong story-lines.  Great sci-fi,
horror, fantasy environments
4- Technological and artistic marvels; Games are interactive cinema! 
5- Domestic love; my girlfriend and I game together.  Sometimes nicely,
sometimes not... *grin*

We all need to decide for ourselves how to use our time.  I work hard so
that I can be around to see the future.  I also play hard so that my
mind stays sane and happy.



On 8/4/2017 6:46 PM, Tara Maya wrote:
> I guess I don’t understand this concept of people not having work to
> do. They need to survive, win a mate, outbreed the competition and
> spread to new territory. Machines can help us do that better, and
> hopefully to other planets, but it doesn’t relieve us of the work of
> living.
> I already know of two guys whose wives divorced them because all the
> guys did was play video games. I’m pretty sure natural selection won’t
> take too long to course correct on this one….
> Either that, or in the future, men may battle their avatars against
> one another in virtual worlds to win the maidens fair….. in that case,
> winning the game is the same as winning THE game.
> Tara
>> On Aug 4, 2017, at 5:37 PM, William Flynn Wallace
>> <foozler83 at gmail.com <mailto:foozler83 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> What will people do, it is asked, in the future when machines do all
>> the work?  Far in the future we cannot see, but video games are
>> slowly giving way to virtual reality, I have read.  
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