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Start Building Your VR Second Life in Sansar

July 31, 2017
by Jesse Damiani


Second Life studio Linden Lab launches open beta for Sansar, a VR
world where you build and monetize your own VR content.
Well, wonder no more: today, Sansar enters its open beta. Anybody can
sign up and start building for free—and building is exactly what the
minds behind Sansar want you to do; that’s why they made it so easy.

“Sansar is completely drag-and-drop,” said Linden Lab VP of Product
Bjorn Laurin. “You can create things with normal 3D tools—Maya, 3D
max—but you can also just go into the Sansar store. There’s no limit
to your creations. It’s for everyone. You can be a hardcore Maya user,
for example, and do things, but you can also come in and not know

Sansar was engineered to be a creator platform for all, allowing users
of all experience levels to create and share their experiences.
“Anyone will be able to sign up for free, download Sansar, and go and
explore these creations that others have published or get started
creating their own,” said Senior Director of Global Communications at
Linden Lab Peter Gray. “It’s easy to share your audiences with a link
and bring your audience in that way. You can also choose to list your
experience in our Atlas directory, which is open to the public. A lot
of the experiences that our preview creators have made are listed in
that directory where you can browse and explore, from games to
educational spaces, historic recreations, sci-fi experiences…it’s just
about everything you can imagine.”

Sample video - 2.21mins.

VR is developing fast!  :)


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