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>...The thing is that people won't see the VR world as 'playing games'.
The VR world will become more exciting and 'real' than their boring
day-to-day existence...

Understatement.  The VR world can be more than games, more than education.
We are on the verge of finding ways to make VR part of how we work.  How
many times have we been out and seen something that needs repair, and we
have all the tools and qualifications to do it, but we don't because it
isn't our property?  That happens to me a lot.

Imagine a VR equivalent of the Uber phenomenon.  With Uber, people who own
cars can sell their services, or not if it isn't convenient.  We can use our
networked system to connect people going in the same direction at the same
time, then there is little inconvenience, value is added.

I know the heck out of fixing things.  I carry a lot of tools around with me
everywhere I go.  I can imagine a VR system which would report a broken
irrigation system 300 meters away, can I go over, turn off the water (It
would give me the combination to the valve lock box) go 2km over to the
hardware store, get the stuff I need, fix it, turn the water back on.)

I see someone broken down beside the road.  In plenty of cases, I know what
is wrong with their car.  I can take care of getting them to their
destination, hauling their Detroit to my tools or my tools to it, without
all that much inconvenience.  

Yesterday I changed a tire beside the road.  I am astonished at how many
people today don't know how to do that simple task we all had to do only a
few decades ago.  Well no worries, we don't all need to know how to do that,
or if we had a VR coach right there on our faces, any goofball coud do that

We could use VR to dumb down so many jobs, enabling employers to get the job
done at lower cost.  Every employee doesn't need to know everything, if you
have an on-demand workforce you hire as needed.  This also greatly reduces
management costs, where you need to keep your people busy in slack times.
We could Uber-ize the workforce.

>...The world is shape-shifting around us. The future will be 'different'.


Ja!  Many exciting possibilities.

Please, think of some things like those I mentioned above.  For a thought
experiment, imagine away the legal liability, for I have some VR ideas to
keep armies of lawyers busy as well: they will spend most of their time
suing each other.  The rest of us will be inside a virtual limited liability
shell corporation which isn't worth anything.


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