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Please, think of some things like those I mentioned above.  For a thought
experiment, imagine away the legal liability, for I have some VR ideas to
keep armies of lawyers busy as well: they will spend most of their time
suing each other.  The rest of us will be inside a virtual limited liability
shell corporation which isn't worth anything.


If it has all of us in it, it is worth a lot by definition.  Even the temporary havoc if some lawyer took over the corp and ordered us all to pay fees would yield some money.



OK then, rev up your imagination, assume a legal system similar to the only one I know anything about, the US-ian, and figure out a way to do something like a Repair-Borg where risk costs are contained.


Back in 2004 when I watched the first DARPA robot races thru the desert, a reporter commented that the technology could never be adapted for street use because of legal liability issues.  Agreed that problem is more difficult than the controls problem, but I do not agree that it can never be solved.  So are we ready to make the case that legal liabilities will prevent a Repair-Borg from ever existing now and forever?  Can we not even imagine a way?  I can.



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