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I have Darwin's magnum opus on my table.  He does write well, but damn it, page after page of birds and more birds gets a little tedious.


I just though 'ascent' deserved a bit of a joke - not much there, I reckon.


bill w






WHAT?  Humor on ExI?  Scandal!


He was into birds, ja.  Birds are cool, but not everyone is into them, no worries.  Skip to that marvelous chapter 7, instinct and ants.  Oh that guy was on it.  Soooo on it.


Bugs.  On this last vacation, I finally got a good photo of the most difficult bug to photograph I have ever seen.  They are extremely aware of their surroundings and are very skilled fliers.  Whereas most beetles are clumsy aviators, this guy really knows his stuff in the air:






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