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>>…  I looked in the vanilla-leaf clover meadows for hours, never found a second one. 


>…Couple more pics of that one here: http://www.inforochester.com/insects.htm from Rochester, NY, also unidentified.






OK cool now to the punchline in its relevance to transhumanism.


Those of us who have been into entomology for decades are experiencing a high, like being on dope only cheaper: we can carry our phones around with us and have godlike knowledge over the things we see every time we are out and about.  Oh the power!  It is like having a Star Trek tricorder.  For all that time before about 5 yrs ago (when I got a phone with a good camera in it) I would see something like this damsel fly, and would have no way to record it or do anything, couldn’t find out what it was, where and how it lives, how to find them, none of it.  That observation was an evanescent memory, experienced, then gone.  


In my life there are plenty of bugs I saw exactly once, just once.  Good chance I will never run across another one.  The damsel fly is a good example: had I not had that camera and all the new software tools, that observation would be lost forever.  Now we have a way to observe, understand, record and get the info needed to do further observations.  Amateur science is unleashed.  The power!  Buggery has never seen anything like it.  I am high on that.


This whole concept must be expandable to our transhuman dreams in some way.  We must somehow find systematic ways to observe, tap into the transhuman equivalent of the new and marvelous entomology online toolkit.  I don’t know what and I don’t know how, but I am pondering the transhuman counterpart of BillK’s bug site.  Ideas please?




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