[ExI] Why Instagram, Facebook, etc. makes you unhappy.

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Your friends are all
living wonderful, fulfilling lives while you’re scrolling in the
elevator. Remember this: your friends are in their own elevators,
thinking the same thing about you.


>…Ah yes, this.  My own version: "You never know when you're being worshipped, even by your idols."  (Unless someone's being obvious about it right in front of you, but that almost never happens.)


Ha, Adrian you should be one of my idols.  I would fall prostrate before you and beg forgiveness of my abject failure to solve the random tetrahedron integrals.  Bystanders would all be like “…whaaat in the heeeellllll??”


My idols don’t enjoy being worshiped as much as I would think.  They are often seen fleeing whenever they see me coming at the local Extro-schmoozes and such.


Adrian, don’t worry man, you are one of my highly esteemed colleagues.  I won’t do the I’m unworthy thing on the floor but I will buy the beer next time.



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