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> I’m referring to the fact that life takes work.

​ ​
true for most humans but it's never been true for all humans. The children
of rich parents don't need to work to live. In the near future no human
will need to work to live and in fact won't be able to live even if they
work unless the tiny number of ultra rich people decide to throw them a few
scraps. That's why the shrinking middle class and the growing and
accelerating gap between the very rich and the poor is so disturbing.

​> ​
> That’s a biological feature that’s evolved as a result of strong Darwinian
> selection over the last 3.5 billion years.

3.5 billion years
​is a long time and that's the trouble with ​
​Evolution, it's far too slow to have any significant effect on the human
genome in the next 50 years. But CRISPER which has revolutionized gene
editing technology and was only used for the first time in 2013 and is
getting better every day is not too slow for that.

 John K Clark
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