[ExI] video games take 2 (Tara Maya)

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Subject: Re: [ExI] video games take 2 (Tara Maya)

>...  It's just that people who had the personality traits to obtain modest
wealth in such an environment had far more surviving children than the

So it's genetic.  Now criticism of capitalism is racism.  Cool!

>...Those of us with an English...

I am that!  British to the core!  BillK and I are practically brothers.

>...(or more generally Northern European)...

I am a quarter Swedish!  Wait, is Sweden in Europe?  Or am I conflating it
with Swaziland?  We yanks don't really know much about geography. 

>... genetic background are very much shaped to this day by this
selection... Keith

Oh I love that kind of talk.  I find the term "buttloads of money" most
titillating.  We should have a specific term for getting turned on by merely
visualizing big curvaceous voluptuous piles of money.  We could make sexbots
who utter comments such as: Hey you big handsome carbon unit, I have some
bedroom moves you will find most profitillating.

Such as that.  And Dr. Jill Stein's looks.  Oh we will make a buttload of
money.  Pardon me, I need to... uh... take a shower... 


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