[ExI] video games impact on grey matter

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Aug 14 21:37:37 UTC 2017

>... On Behalf Of BillK
>...She showed that a driver’s hippocampus is most active when they first plan a route. ...

>...That might mean that brain improvements in one area could cause worse performance in other areas.  BillK


Ja I wondered about that when I first read BillW's comment that shrinking the hippocampus can't be good.  The brain is in a fixed-volume, ja?  So a shrinking area would cause the surrounding areas to grow?  Works the other way around too perhaps.  I worry that is what causes math geeks to be generally a bit socially awkward.

There are those who argue that tech geeks really aren't socially awkward, that the whole thing is a myth.  I would counter that one must go hang out at math geek gatherings.  One finds the myth is true.  Or it at least has some definite true aspects.  Extro-gatherings are even worse in a way.  Where you really see it is if an Extro-type has a normal partner who they bring along.  Watch the normal one.  It is educational.


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