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keith wrote -  When we do, we expect to find out that an awful lot of a
person's place in society depends on traits that are rooted in their

In the future behavioral problems will be treated with genetic
manipulation​, perhaps turning off or on genes that were changed by your
ancestors' behaviors (changed epigenetically in your parents, etc. and then
restored to the original on or off position).

Will people accept that as a substitute for putting people in jail for
antisocial behaviors?  I hope so.  Punishment often doesn't last very long
but changing genes will. However, there is a very powerful belief in the
majority of people that things from failing to take out the garbage to
serial killing, deserves punishment whether or not the punishment is
associated with improvement in behavior.

The typical murderer has killed someone he knows, often a family member.
The likelihood of his doing it again, with or without punishment of any
kind, is very, very low.  But he needs to be punished, according to this

 Will people accept adding genes to newborns or even fetuses to avoid fatal
diseases?  I hope so.

Now for the big news!!!  Since epigenetics involves the changing of the
genes by the experiences of the person, how about future research that
shows how to do that?  That is, by doing certain things or being exposed to
certain things, it is found that the genes that are causing the problems
are changed in a beneficent way.  This way a person can change his genes
AND those he/she passes on to the children.  Isn't this fantastic?  (Well,
yes, of course it is, since it is my fantasy, right?)

Of course to this we have add behaviors and experiences that are known to
have a maladaptive effect on the person's genes, and he/she is warned to
avoid those to avoid the problems they will certainly cause.

bill w

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> On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 6:59 PM,  BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote>
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> I started to reply, and then picked up from your distortions what the
> objection is.
> Eventually, every human trait is going to be understood from the gene
> level up.  When we do, we expect to find out that an awful lot of a
> person's place in society depends on traits that are rooted in their
> genes.
> This is not a politically correct position.  However, I hope there are
> people somewhere who value reality over such memes.
> Keith
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