[ExI] whats in a name?

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Sun Aug 20 03:26:53 UTC 2017

And what if. Adrian managed to win the heart of the Borg space-babe Seven Of
Nine, and they had a son, and wanted to keep the hipster hyphenated name,
but also wanted him to have a kind of Nordic sounding moniker.  Would he be
Sven Tymes-Nine?




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Waiting for the eclipse a thought occurred to me.  What if. Max More and
Natasha Vita-More decide to reproduce and have a son.  Being a manly man and
anticipating his son might be as well, Max and Natasha would likely eschew
mild boring names such as Wilbur or Throckmorton, choosing to give him a
manly man name such as Rex.  Then no one would sell that lad car insurance.



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