[ExI] civil war denial

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The eclipse was awesome as all hell.


Story when I return to civilaization and get some actual bandwidth.




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Oops apologies, on the road, limited internet, working on phone most of the time.


The clouds are gone but fires all around.  The real threat is smoke obscuring the sight.  Hoping for the best.




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Although I don't disagree with it that quotation is not from me. I hope the sky's clear for your eclipse trip.


John K Clark







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The civil war took place within the borders of the US, and is woven into the fabric of the nation.  It's a false equivalence.  I would add that equating a monument to Lee with a Nazi symbol shows a lack of nuance...John K Clark​





Sheesh just trying 2 inject a bit of humor for an eclipse chasing trip which threatens 2 turn into a fiasco on the order of the 2016 elections.  It took us 3 hrs to go the first 8 miles out of bay area.  Now the skies r smokey and they say a bunch of gas stations out there can't supply demand oy vey evolution have mercy.

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