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> Trump is a symptom. Treating the symptom is pointless.

​Doctors can't cure many
​s so they treat the symptoms, ​and that id far from pointless.

> ​> ​
> You have to fix
> ​ ​
> the disease.

​Yeah yeah I know I've heard it all before, we've got to totally ​change
civilization from top to bottom; but guess what, that's not going to happen
in the next 3 1/2 years. But a nuclear war might.

James Clapper
​ has worked under all presidents from ​
John F. Kennedy through Barack Obama
​ and for almost 8 years was head of all the 17 intelligence ​agencies of
the USA, and he worries about Trump's access to the nuclear codes:

*“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office.
In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s
actually very little to stop him​.​ The whole system is built to ensure
rapid response if necessary. So there’s very little in the way of controls
over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.”*

​And if you're not as scared as James Clapper then you just don't
understand the situation.​


​ John K Clark​
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