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​>​>…Anyone living in our times who is unhappy or pessimistic just doesn’t understand what is going on.


​>…Spike, your optimism is contagious…


I caught it from myself.  


With all this cool new stuff coming in, I honestly cannot find a logical line of reasoning that can lead to a gloomy view.  We are standing on the threshold of a dream.  This is the kind of dream where you wake up and find it is reality.  Wake up, humanity!  Gobble up the coolness of it all.  There is plenty of it to go around, everywhere we look.   We are the lucky ones to be alive in the here and now.



>… If they both started off at the same place and at the same time 134 million years ago and they arrive here at the same time to the limits of our best measurements then there sure can't be much difference between the speed of gravity and the speed of light.      John K Clark ​



I saw that!  No matter how hard I try, I can’t come up with a reasonable theory which could have gravity waves travel at close to c to within a part per trillion.  I couldn’t do it: I strained my imagination until it was sore.  Einstein was right, again.  Being right is what Einstein did well.










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