[ExI] theme parties must go retro, waaaaay retro

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Thu Aug 31 00:23:53 UTC 2017


A thought occurred to me as I heard of a U of Michigan frat having to cancel its party with the theme “Make Ancient Egypt Great Again.”  Students were encouraged to come in costumes, such as Cleopatra, mummies, King Tut, do that sideways walk thing, etc.  


The campus (actual) Egyptians were offended at the cultural appropriation.  Party canceled, hapless fraternity bros remained painfully sober.  (How shall they cope?)


This notion that cultures can never be appropriated can only spread.  This leads to an easily-foreseeable future trend such that frat parties will be compelled to cut the Greek cultural appropriation (can you imagine?) as well as all the others including a frat party classic: the Irish theme, featuring… well, I forgot what Irish frat parties do.


Further thought: there is a culture (of sorts) for which no one will object should it be ridiculed and parodied: cave man.  I hereby take up the cause of being distressed and offended should frats or anyone else choose to have fun parodying Neanderthal culture.  Who here will stand with me, defending the downtrodden prehistoric humans?


Hear that Universities?  No cave-person parties, none!



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