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> Bill Gates has become perhaps the greatest philanthropist of all time.  I
> do commend him on what he is doing, forgive him for the bugs in PowerPoint
> for all those years.  He’s good guy doing good things now.

​I certainty agree with that. Bill Gates has already given away about 40
billion dollars, and he's still the richest man in the world, he's pledged
to give away at least 95% of his money before he dies. And he seems to be
giving it away in a very wise way, he's getting a lot of bang for the buck.
Warren Buffett was so impressed by the smart way Gates is
doing philanthropy he gave him the job of figuring out the best way give
away his fortune too. If all rich people were like Gates and Buffett there
would be no problem, but too many are more like Donald Trump.

 John K Clark  ​
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