[ExI] Huxley or Orwell - who got it right?

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>...I'm sure that amusing ourselves to death has been suggested as a solution to the Fermi paradox.
You are right that it is not dystopian - it's irresistibly attractive!

>...Every advanced civ develops virtual reality worlds that are far more interesting than the boring real world. Combine that with uploaded intelligences processing so fast that the outside world isn't just in slow motion, it seems frozen. That's why uploaded intelligences don't bother with the real world.



Ja.  I think that is what happens with a lot of teenagers: they get caught up in the world of celebrities, sports people and entertainers.  Everything changes so fast in that world that anything much outside of that seems to be crawling.

I am like that with technology: I am caught up in that world where things change quickly.

BillK that was a cool insight on linking it over to Fermi.


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