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On Feb 8, 2017, at 5:21 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> …And I can assure you I had no personvolent intent.
> (Fearlessly he or she tickles the tail of the ferocious Extropian wordplay beast, also known as Uther Pundragon.)
> Grain of truth: gender inclusiveness is commendable but it has its price: it makes language clumsy. 

I think that's more from transitioning -- what you use now seems not clumsy, but using new terms and distinctions always starts out as clumsy. Then, over time, it becomes second nature and the older terms and usage become quaint or sound affected.

> Oh dear, now I have triggered a riot up the street at that educational institution, can’t recall its name, starts with a B, they play Stanford at times and of course we stomp them flat.

That's funny because, as Thaddeus Russell pointed out, smashing stuff on campus doesn't actually attack the political or financial elites. I was wondering, for instance, why these protestors, if they must smash things, aren't going after Trump's various business properties. (No, I'm not trying to give them ideas. I'd rather they actually be peaceful protestors -- even silent ones. Or in the case of Milo, that they just ignored him. He thrives on these kinds of confrontations. Heck, they've likely driven up  the preorders on his upcoming book.)


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