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> I have long wanted to repeat that experiment under more favorable 
> circumstances, but now I have no access to a centrifuge of that size.  
> I don't know how many gs a tetra can endure.  Do you?

I don't think you need an industrial centrifuge nowadays. Your kid could
make one out of cardboard and a plastic bag (to hold the water).




Hi BillK, 

Cool but not applicable to fish, even tetras.

I can imagine an approach using a rear-wheel drive car or truck.  Get a rim,
mount your fish-container on it, balance the rim with a counter-weight, go
out somewhere far away from potential bystanders/victims of your
foolishness, jack up the wheel, change off your tire with the modified rim,
run it up to freeway speed to get a couple hundred G (do your engineering
correctly (because if the vessel fails you are in for a really bad afternoon
(with projectile shrapnel and hapless lifeforms being hurled about))) or...
if you don't trust your differential to do something it was never designed
to do, jack up both back wheels and let both spin freely.

Do let me throw in the usual "Kids, don't try this at home."  Note that the
usual warning is filled with wiggle room, such as the lack of definition of
the terms "kids" and "try" and "home."  Of course you wouldn't "try" it at
"home" for your neighbors will still be talking about it long after you are
dead (those unimaginative souls often disdain the notion of having shrapnel
and hapless lifeforms hurled their way) and my "kid" doesn't even own a
truck, but I do, and of course Master Yoda has long ago and far away
educated us thus: There is no try.  There is only do.  Or do not.


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