[ExI] Single Payer Healthcare

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Mar 29 02:29:28 UTC 2017


"Suicides, drug overdoses and alcohol-related liver diseases have been the
biggest drivers of the mortality increase, and these problems have been
concentrated among those without college degrees."   -Henry

Ja I wondered about that.  If we say we are going backward it sounds like
life expectancies are going down in the US.  That isn't right, life
expectancies are still rising.  But if we argue they are rising faster
elsewhere, I must ask how we account for young men shooting each other.  Why
should that count in life expectancy?  And suicide, how do we account for
young people who listen to the horrifying garbage played over the radio?
Compare that to the fun (if vapid) rock and roll of our misspent youth, and
is there any wonder they slay themselves?  

Dopers and drunks perish a lot, but I just don't see that as a failing of
the healthcare system.  We sit on our butts way too much, because most jobs
are that now.  That is not exactly a shortcoming of our medical system.  An
average earner can buy a stock motorcycle which can go 190 mph for two
months wages. The new artificial heroin isn't the medics' fault.

A better comparison of the systems would be to take a group of 70 yr olds
here vs elsewhere, compare how much is spent vs how many years are lived.  I
wouldn't be surprised if it comes out about the same.


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