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Mon Sep 11 20:36:23 UTC 2017

Curious if John or others have any thoughts on this:

For the first time, an international team led by engineers at Caltech has
developed a computer chip with nanoscale optical quantum memory.

Quantum memory stores information in a similar fashion to the way
traditional computer memory does, but on individual quantum particles--in
this case, photons of light. This allows it to take advantage of the
peculiar features of quantum mechanics (such as superposition, in which a
quantum element can exist in two distinct states simultaneously) to store
data more efficiently and securely.

"Such a device is an essential component for the future development of
optical quantum networks that could be used to transmit quantum
information," says Andrei Faraon (BS '04), assistant professor of applied
physics and materials science in the Division of Engineering and Applied
Science at Caltech, and the corresponding author of a paper describing the
new chip.

The study appeared online ahead of publication by Science magazine on
August 31.

"This technology not only leads to extreme miniaturization of quantum
memory devices, it also enables better control of the interactions between
individual photons and atoms," says Tian Zhong, lead author of the study
and a Caltech postdoctoral scholar. Zhong is also an acting assistant
professor of molecular engineering at the University of Chicago, where he
will set up a laboratory to develop quantum photonic technologies in March

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