[ExI] how hard was it to see this coming?

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> http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/sep/12/voting-machines-can-be
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>>... Stunning testimony: Voting machines can be hacked without a trace of 
> evidence

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>...This is barely even news now.  We've known about this for years... Adrian

Ja, well this time it didn't matter much: both mainstream candidates were so equally distasteful, few could tell the difference between them.  I think one was a man and the other a woman.  Beyond that minor distinction, they were just a couple more items in the basket of deplorables.  But sooner or later, we are going to have an election between a good guy and a bad guy, the bad guy wins and we will suspect those machines were tampered.  Then there will be big trouble.

Please, let's not rehash tired political discussions.  This thread is about voting machines full stop.  Ja I know my own post was tickling the tail, but it was just a little painful humor please, just humor.  As you already know, I take the notion of electronic voting machines very seriously.  Those things are trouble.


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