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> ​> ​
> Those V-notch curves are just crazy.  Nothing I can even imagine does that
> to a star’s brightness.
How about
​ ​
a screen of
​ ​
microscopic dust particles
​? That's what several astronomers (including
Tabetha Boyajian
​ after whom Tabby's​ Star is named) just wrote in a peer reviewed
article in ​"
Astrophysical Journal


​They closely examined the rate of dimming of the ultraviolet light and the
infrared light and they found the rate of dimming between the two was
significantly different; and a Dyson Sphere, completed or not, wouldn't do
that. The only thing that would scatter light like that is lots and lots of
microscopic dust.  Yes it's odd that a mature star like Tabby would have
such a thick cloud of dust in orbit around it and nobody is quite sure why
it's there, but whatever caused the dust it sure doesn't look like aliens
are responsible for the dimming.

 John K Clark
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