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>> ​Maybe I am having a senior moment, but am not coming up with who profits from the war on drugs.  It's not as if people who use pot are going to buy something legal if they can't get pot.  Of course, being illegal means the prices stay high, profiting the drug dealers and growers.​
> Not a comprehensive list:
> Police departments, via civil asset forfeiture and federal funding
> Prisons
> Law enforcement suppliers
> Drug testing industry
> Lawyers
> Politicians who receive campaign donations from those benefitting

I would add to those:

1. Public officials who are corrupted by payments from those in the illegal drug business

2. Those in said business who benefit from keeping prices up and competitors out

3. Far less directly: pharmaceuticals and those in healthcare who benefit when people with depression, chronic pain, and other maladies can't use marijuana to self-medicate.

It shocks me that folks are just discovering the Portugal now and that they don't seem to know libertarians have been making the case for ending drug prohibition for decades now.


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