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On Tue, 26 Sep 2017 at 8:10 pm, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> Thank you Dan and Dave - I just don't know where my mind went.
> Here is another/new addiction problem:  doctors never, in my experience,
> suggest meds other than prescription ones which Big PHarm pays them to push.

Drug companies try to influence doctors with advertising claiming efficacy
for their drug, but how do they pay them to push the drug? I know some
doctors who go to great length to avoid any contact with drug company reps
and avoid any events or perks (such as lunch) that might come from drug
companies, but they still end up prescribing the same drugs.

I got off Naproxen (did I post that?) when the People's Pharmacy, which I
> do trust, posted a scary journal article about nsaids.  No osteoprthritis
> pain came back, apparently because I also have been taking curcumin and
> boswellia - anti-inflammatories.

If there are no good systematic studies of these, how do you know that they
work and it isn’t just placebo effect, and that they don’t cause some other
long term side-effect? If you stopped the naproxen and nothing happened
then I suspect if you stopped the curvumin and boswellia (which seem quite
a bit more expensive than naproxen on a cursory online search), or replaced
them with something else such as green tea, nothing would happen.

I think a lot of people have stories like this, and get their info from
> other people or web sites which may be of questionable validity, as many of
> them are selling supplements like curcurmin.  I don't know of a reputable
> journal which reports experiments and studies of various supplements, so we
> have little experimental evidence to go on.
> Some of these things work, and have been working for thousands of years.
> So why don't physicians know of these and prescribe them?  We know, don't
> we?
> Most people have something wrong with them and go to various people for
> help.  One supplement seller acknowledged that he was selling hope, as he
> had no evidence for any of his products.
> This needs to change.  How can we get people who have no monetary interest
> in the outcomes of supplement studies to do quality scientific work to find
> out what works and what doesn't?
> bill w
Stathis Papaioannou
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