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ASTONISHING!  Hanford LIGO just announced the detection of the 4th black hole merger:



How can there be so many of these?  John?


​>…And how can they be so big? 


I have been going nuts trying to figure that one out too.  There couldn’t have been stars that size to start with I wouldn’t think, or if so, my notion of star formation is completely wrong.  I have been trying to get up to speed on Eddington Limit to see where my notion went wrong.


>…Nobody predicted that, just a few years ago people were saying if LIGO found anything (and some said they wouldn't)…


I do confess I was one of the naysayers.  Now I am going back and rethinking my paltry understanding of General Relativity and star formation.  When I read the proposal for LIGO a bunch of years ago, I would have estimated the chances of even a single detection in my lifetime about a percent.  Now we have four events in two years and even that is an understatement: the instruments are offline much of that time.


And that 20-40 solar masses range is just mind-boggling.


>… “With the next observing run planned for Fall 2018 we can expect such detections weekly or even more often.” That would be really cool!  John K Clark 


Ja, but even then… what if they do?  How the hell can there be so many of these mergers this far down the road?  I don’t trust anything I thought I knew on the topic.  I am going to apply to my college for a refund.





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