[ExI] Thousands of scientists pledge not to help build killer AI robots

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Sun Aug 5 22:19:18 UTC 2018

On 05/08/2018 22:07, John Clark wrote:
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>         My 2 guesses to explain The Great Filter are we are the first
>         (somebody has to be) or the robots fall victim to something
>         like electronic drug abuse.
>     /
>     >
>     A third possibility is that the aliens are all over the place, we
>     just can't detect them./
> I think that's very unlikely.
>     >
>     /A combination of nanotechnology and uploading could mean
>     civilisations simply shrink until they no longer have any
>     detectable footprint/
> With Drexler style nanotechnology it would be easy to make galaxy 
> sized engineered structures and its hard to believe absolutely nobody 
> ever decided to do it. Even a uploaded mind is connected with physics, 
>  the richer his virtual world is the more computations are needed to 
>  be made, and the only way t o  perform a computation is by way of 
> matter and energy with can only come from our non-virtual world. We 
> should be able to see the upload civilization do that but we don't. 
> It's odd.

One of the practical reasons for going small, quick, and low-energy 
would be the speed of light making galaxy-sized engineering projects of 
any kind, extremely unattractive and possibly prohibiting them 
altogether. I'm thinking of upload civilisations that occupy cubic 
millilitres, run millions of times faster than we do, and consume tiny 
amounts of energy.

But in any event, whether that's realistic or not, it makes sense for us 
to assume we are alone. Either we really are, or we effectively are.

Ben Zaiboc

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