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>…Am I allowed to guess if I am female? Lol.




Well SB, we are being told the whole notion of gender is really a kind of fiction or over-generalization.  We are whatever gender we are inside, but that seems like it could change over time, or change as a function of one’s mood perhaps.  Since psychology became well-known we have all these internal things they had us learn in 101, the ego, the super-ego, the id, and all that stuff, and the professors told us about having a feminine side if we thought of ourselves as male.  It was then that I discovered my feminine side is a lesbian.  Both sides of us like women.  We are that way, always been that way, no need for us to repent or get religion to make it go away.


So when it comes right down to it, how can any of us really know what the heck is our gender?


I have a plan however.  If we ever manage to get uploading to work, I have a whole bunch of experimentation in mind for various configuration of genitals we could try, hardware to go with the software so to speak.







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eh, Spike?  Ballard looked up to Xena, Buffy and Samantha - would you guess that she is female?  bill w

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