[ExI] female heros?

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I have a plan however.  If we ever manage to get uploading to work, I have a whole bunch of experimentation in mind for various configuration of genitals we could try, hardware to go with the software so to speak.




Oh, please don't spare us the details!


bill w




Well, if we can simulate something in software, we can simulate more of that, or multiple copies of that.  We currently have multiple sensual zones and one set of genitals, but I see no reason why we couldn’t have multiple copies of all these. 


My hapless software mate would have no repose from my endless urgent desire to slake my lustful desires.  


But there may be a downside to that.  I am constantly pondering a question I have had since I was younger than I am now: Fermi’s paradox.  Where is everyone?  If we figure out how to simulate sexual climax, most intelligent entities would lose interest in day to day living and would go into constant multiple-site orgasm mode.  This is the closest thing I can think of to John Clark’s notion of digital drug abuse.  Simulated humanity could screw ourselves to death.



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