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*>Why should we suppose that Uploading would lead to sex addiction?*

But this isn't just about sex that's only one small aspect of it. If a
upload had full control of his (or her) emotional control panel, and there
is no reason in theory he couldn't, then he could maximize ALL pleasurable
experiences not just sex. You could feel the joy of falling in love without
meeting another person, you could feel the pride of your child saying his
first words taking his first steps and later graduating with honors from
medical school without ever having a child, you could bask in the praise of
your colleagues for doing a brilliant job without having any colleagues or
any job or doing anything brilliant. Einstein said the day he finished
General Relativity was the happiest day of his life, but it took 10 years
of grueling work, he got sick lost 40 pounds and nearly worked himself to
death. Imagine if you could feel exactly as Einstein did by simply twisting
a knob. There would be a great temptation to get at your emotional control
panel, but positive feedback loops never last forever and where they end up
is probably not where you originally wanted to go. If we're not the first I
think that is the best explanation of the Fermi Paradox.

> *So if we were to upload, having no more hormones, we would certianly
> still be able to become addicted to sexual pleasure, just like some young
> men I know spend more time gratifying themselves sexually than anything
> else. But when uploaded, without the reminder of hormones, many people just
> might not think about it. *

A hormone is just a chemical that can convey information, but a upload
could do that much more efficiently electronically.

 John K Clark
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