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Fortunately presidents do not make law and do not make orders of this kind.
Article 9 and Article 10 of the Bill of Rights prevented this from happening


>…No they do not. Article 9 and 10 are just words on paper…


Not to the military.  Articles 9 and 10 are part of the law of the land, which they have sworn to defend.

>… we already know that 52% of Republicans think it is not, they'd be fine with canceling the 2020 election if Trump gave them the word…


So 48% of Republicans plus every other party combined can easily outvote (and out not-vote) the 52%.


>…And Trump hasn't yet even started his PR offensive by ordering his mindless followers to start a "fake election" chant at one of his nuremberg style rallies.  John K Clark


The rally chants would have little or no impact on the Supreme Court.


Worry about real things John.  We have real threats.








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