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The scenario you're envisioning is preposterous, just like the idea that he
is going to start a nuclear war.

I will bet you anything you would care to wager that Trump does not serve
more than two terms unless the Constitution is amended (which will not

Stuart's post remains the most well articulated talking points on this

This hysteria is unfounded.

On Sat, Aug 18, 2018, 10:44 AM John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 4:45 PM, <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
> > Article 9 and 10 are just words on paper…
>> *> *
>> *Not to the military. *
> Spike, most in the military have integrity but not all of them do and the
> ones that don't are the ones Trump gravitates toward. Take Michael Flynn
> for example, by all accounts he was intelligent and a capable general, but
> by no stretch of the imagination could he be called a man of honor, and I
> don't think general John Kelly will try very hard to prevent Trump from
> becoming a dictator if he thinks there is a good chance of him successfully
> doing so and he thinks he will still be Trump's right hand man even after
> all opposition has been suppressed.
>> >
>> * Articles 9 and 10 are part of the law of the land, which they have
>> sworn to defend.*
> Most in the military are not lawyers and could not tell you what article 9
> and 10 were if you put a gun to their head, to them the law of the land is
> whatever their superior officer says it is.
>> >… we already know that 52% of Republicans think it is not, they'd be
>>> fine with canceling the 2020 election if Trump gave them the word…
>> *>*
>> *So 48% of Republicans plus every other party combined can easily outvote
>> (and out not-vote) the 52%*.[...]
>> *Worry about real things John.  We have real threats.*
> I believe about 40% of voters are republicans and .40 times .52 is .21;
>  so if there is a 21% chance the USA will become a dictatorship in 2 years
> you think that's nothing to worry about? Would you get on a jetliner if you
> thought there was a 21% chance it would crash? And its not just
> republicans, about 10% of Bernie Sanders fans ended up voting for Trump
> when Sanders got knocked out in the primaries, and its always been clear
> that Trump was the second choice for most in the Libertarian party, why
> they would like a anti free market anti free press Putin loving fascist
> like Trump I don't pretend to understand but I do know that because of them
> for the first time in my life I'm now embarrassed to call myself a
> libertarian, they've ruined the word.
>> >…And Trump hasn't yet even started his PR offensive by ordering his
>>> mindless followers to start a "fake election" chant at one of his nuremberg
>>> style rallies.  John K Clark
>> >
>> *The rally chants would have little or no impact on the Supreme Court.*
> Andrew Jackson once thundered "The Supreme Court has made its decision now
> let them enforce it!" and I think Trump will say much the same because
> Trump commands an army and the Supreme Court doesn't. And besides Trump is
> packing the Supreme Court with his flunkies, take Brett Kavanaugh for
> example. As a young lawyer Kavanaugh worked for 3 years with independent
> counsel Ken Starr investigating Bill Clinton (who found nothing more
> sinister than a blow job, a crime that seems quaint in these scandal
> riddled days) but Kavanaugh has changed his mind about that and has much
> more recently said  “It makes no sense at all to have an independent
> counsel looking at the conduct of the president". I believe that statement
> is the primary reason Trump picked Kavanaugh for the court.
> John K Clark
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