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Sun Aug 19 23:36:12 UTC 2018

Not a factual error, a social error.

I am actually curious why you keep saying the same stuff.  If you really
wanted to change minds, you'd think you would try a different approach.
People here don't seem receptive to your methods.

Why not try something different?  They only reasons I can think of are

a) You enjoy the simple act of giving your opinion and criticizing others.
We all do, but there's a socially appropriate point to stop.  It is not
comfortable to be in threads about scientific innovation and have to hear
about Trump.

b) You can't think of anything else.

Neither of which I consider sufficient rationales for prattling.  Of
course, this is my own value judgment.

It just bothers me that when I come to check a thread on science or
technology here, I can expect to see some kind of political bloviation just
as much as I can expect your annual anti-curiosity psionics post*.

Here are a few comforting words from one of many spiritual texts that
contain nuggets of truth (which must be separated from the shit nuggets):

"Vapid mirage, Koheleth said. Vapid mirage. All is mirage."

What benefits a man from all his labor that he labors under the sun?"

A generation goes and a generation comes, and the Earth forever stands."
*For which I believe you would always  the goalposts forwards.  Basically
you say "there will never be a paper confirming the existence of magic
published in Nature" even though of course any confirmed discovery would
immediately leave the realm of magic.  Even a hundred years ago you would
be laughed out of the room for suggesting most of what modern physics
believes.  This will continue to happen.

If you have solved the hard problem of consciousness and can tell me what
the standard model has to do with qualia, I'm all ears!
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