[ExI] CRACKPOTS (was electoral college)

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>…John, if you want spiritualism and witchcraft explained… The only evidence here was of the beliefs themselves.  


>…Evidence has been sought …  


HAH!  Unbeliever!  Here’s yer evidence:




>…Hasn't been found and won't be, I say…  bill w


Oh ye of little faith.


You just wait pal, that goat might confess before it’s over.




Oh man, wouldn’t it be cool, we could play some terrific gags.  We get the cell keys, somehow distract the constables, sneak in there with an actual (human) car thief who is under heavy sedation, doesn’t know what’s going on, switch them, get on out of the police station undetected with the goat, watch what happens next morning at breakfast after the thief sobers up.  They would be talking about a car theft, which he knows he really did, but would be unable to explain how he turned himself into a goat and how the spell wore off.  Any skeptical locals would have their faith reinforced.  Oh that would be a total hoot.




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